Lead Software Engineer

A debit card offered through an iOS app for pet parents that gives up to 5x more cash back than your average card on all pet-related purchases.


We talked to hundreds of pet parents and their resounding response was they were shocked with unexpected vet bills that oftentimes put them into debt.  All this adds up to $30bn in pet debt.  There’s something really wrong with this.

We started digging further.  At first people were shy but then they opened up to us and told us their stories about Bailey accidentally swallowing something he shouldn’t have or when Bella was diagnosed with a bad back (aka IVDD in vet lingo).  People were spending thousands of dollars.

No matter what the story was, the one common thread was that expenses racked up really quickly. Not cool.

So, we set out to build a solution that combines what people love doing — pampering their fur babies while helping save for vet expenses and getting discounts on pet insurance.

Swift UIKit Python PostgresSQL AWS Plaid API BaaS Card Issuance Payments Rewards


My Work (Frontend)

  • Solely engineered the entire iOS app using Swift and UIKit

  • Built entire flow enabling customers to go through KYC, provide PII data, create a checking account, activate their Petter Mastercard debit card linked to that account, and fund their account using bank information collected via Plaid

My Work (Backend)

  • Solely engineered entire backend in Python using Flask

  • Built and deployed the AWS infrastructure

    • EC2

    • RDS (MySQL DB)

    • ELB (load-balancers)

  • DB models/architecture

  • API design and implementation

  • Created Rewards Infrastructure to handle stream of transaction data

    • Compatible with transaction data from:

      • Mastercard

  • Maintained webhooks that ingested transaction data in real-time

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