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A Python library making it easy to create and query a PostgresSQL DB directly from your codebase.

Check out the docs on my Github or on the "knoxdb" PyPI page here:

Python PostgresSQL REST API AWS



This library only supports python3

$ pip install knoxdb


import knoxdb from knoxdb import knox

Create a new DB with a custom name. This returns back information about the DB you can store to easily access it again for queries.

new_db = knox.create(db_name="test_db")

Get a DB Instance from the ID returned after creating an instance

db = knox.get_from_id(id="test_db_id")

Connect to DB Instance

conn = knox.connect(id="test_db_id")

Close connection to DB


Query the DB Instance by passing in a SQL Command

conn = knox.connect(id="test_db_id")

sql_string = "CREATE TABLE \"User\" (id serial PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, email VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL)"

db_query = knox.query(conn=conn, sql_string=sql_string, close_conn=True)


Feel free to send me feedback or feature requests on my Website. Feature requests are always welcome.

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